Contrast Setup

Set up Environment for WebGoat

We will now setup the environment for the Contrast Security module.

Copy the files from the ~/environment/modernization-workshop/modules/40_contrast_security/root_files to the ~/environment/modernization-workshop root directory.

cp ~/environment/modernization-workshop/modules/40_contrast_security/root_files/* ~/environment/modernization-workshop

This will copy the following three files to the root of the modernization-workshop directory:

  • Dockerfile
  • contrast_security.yaml.tpl
  • buildspec.yaml

Copy Contrast Credentials to Cloud9

Drag and drop the previously downloaded contrast_security.yaml file from your local workstation into the ~/environment/modernization-workshop/modules/40_contrast_security directory within the Cloud9 IDE.

Create CloudFormation ECS Parameters File

Now we will use this file to create a ecs-parameters.json file that will be used during the ECS CloudFormation stack creation in the next step. To create this file, we will use the following command to run the provided helper script to convert the YAML file into a JSON file that CloudFormation will be able to understand.

cd ~/environment/modernization-workshop/modules/40_contrast_security

If successful, you should see a similar message to the one below.

This helper script creates an ecs-parameters.json file in the ~/environment/modernization-workshop directory. Verify that this file is in the ~/environment/modernization-workshop/modules/40_contrast_security directory.